“The Watchers” from The Book of Enoch

Book I, Chapter 1 The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect and righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed. And he took up his parable and said Enoch a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, […]

Are You an Emoter, or Thinker?

Emoter: a person who displays exaggerated emotion, as in acting; one who behaves theatrically. Emotion: a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psycho-physiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states. Thinking: to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc. Critical Thinking: Both thinking and critical thinking are mental processes. Thinking can […]

Is Your “God” the Hindu Brahman?

So you have a “Personal God“, do you? What if your “God” is nothing more than a feeble attempt of mankind to interpret what cannot be explained, and can only be experienced by humans from within an infinitesimally small degree of Cosmic Reality? That’s what the ancient Hindus and The Buddha thought. 1. Origin of […]

“The Higgs Boson GOD Particle” by Michio Kaku

What is It ? The Higgs boson is an elementary particle within the Standard Model of particle physics. It belongs to a class of particles known as bosons. On July 4, 2012, CERN announced the formal confirmation that a particle “consistent with the Higgs boson” exists, since its signature was detected in the data with […]

The Categorization of Human Thought

Most of the text entries throughout this post are quotations “borrowed” from Wikipedia. All I’ve done is aggregate relational concepts, and consolidate them into one location. If they create any emotion or “Feelings” in your head, go take an aspirin and get over it. Your human life is short, so don’t waste it. Thought refers to any […]

Which Breed of Humans Are You?

Currently I Am a Canine Border Collie They love to herd cats, cattle, children, geese, and anything else that moves about. There is a reason. They were genetically engineered by humans (through selective breeding) to perform a given task. They do it instinctively, and willingly. They don’t think about WHY they do it. They just […]

The Future Difficulty of Discerning Reality

After lounging around on a Saturday afternoon in my doghouse den, three divergent concepts have melded together in my mind: the advancement of computer technology; entertainment, and the human attraction to addiction. Unless Human civilization is destroyed during an upcoming Apocalypse or Global Self Destruction, the convergence of these endeavors will reach a point in […]